Useful Links

Equipment and Machinery for the Chocolatier (Germany. Write or ask for Peter Heßner, Product Manager. He is very nice and helpful) (for more product catalogues. They do lovely customized moulds with logos etc) (one of the greatest Italian companies in the production of chocolate and pastry machines.) (great for PVC custom made moulds, Arun is very nice and helped me make mine)
(great moulds and melters)
(great moulds and melters as well as excellent personal service)
(nice moulds, tempering machines, recycled moulds and other equipment) (They sell only to the UK, but great info on products)

Chocolate Suppliers (micro batch chocolatier, Shawn is extremely nice and has a very interesting site) (lots of information also) (Columbia) (Spain) (supplies chocolates from around the world as well as some small equipment- fantastic service) (bean to bar chocolate maker. One of the only two in Canada) (organic chocolate with an emphasis on the environment- Full Circle Sustainability) (micro batch chocolate!)

Chocolate Suppliers in Israel Israel’s first artisanal handcrafted bean to bar organic and fair trade chocolate. Micro batches.

Chocolatiers (Joseph Schmidt) (micro batch chocolatier, extremely nice and a very interesting site) (Sicily, Italy) (Spain) (France) (Oregon, U.S.) (Spain) (Calgary AB, Canada) (highly recommended!) (France) (Paris, London, New York, Japan) (Belgium) (Spain) (France) (Holland) (no sugar, they use Stevia extract) (Utah) (BC Canada) (Germany)

Sites connected to chocolate lots of info and videos) (a young girl makes chocolate bars from the beans at home!) (how make your own chocolate from bean to bar!) (rates chocolates from around the world – ROBERT DESERVES A SPECIAL THANK YOU! (a map of chocolatiers around the world) (Sandra and Paul spent a year in Israel. He was a rabbinical student and she interviewed chocolatiers all over Israel. She is now interviewing abroad. Check out Paul’s blog, too: (a great online school for learning the basics of chocolate) (an excellent place for food lovers, professionals. The Pastry forum has excellent
nformation on chocolate, including demos) excellent set of online videos (international chocolate forum- very recommended) (Canada- Dr. Kerry Beal is one of a kind and deserves a hundred thank you’s) HE DESERVES A SPECIAL THANK YOU IF YOU ARE A CHOCOLATIER, REGISTER TO HIS SITE! (courses
and much more)

Chocolate Studies (There are at least 7 acadamies all around the world) (Switzerland) (U.S.A. – Chicago) (New York) (U.S.A.- FLorida) (U.S.A.) (France) (Germany) (France)

Sites not connected to chocolate but wonderful sites nonetheless

If you have any other wonderful sites please let me know!

Ilana Bar-Hai